Windscreen Repair

Accidents happen all the time, especially with motor vehicles. Flying debris from other road users can result in a chip, or even multiple chips, on your windscreen. Left unresolved, over time, these chips can often result in cracks appearing when driving over speed bumps or pot holes. Ensuring that the chip is repaired as quickly as possible after it occurs is paramount.

Lincolnshire Windscreens can provide an efficient, professional windscreen repair service to all types of front windscreens. We use the latest technology and highest quality equipment to carry out repairs, returning them to their original structural strength and ensuring no further damage occurs.

There are certain areas of a windscreen where a repair can’t be carried out if it is over a certain size, please have a look at our infographic below for further information on this.

Our technicians are fully qualified in all aspects of auto glazing and can ensure your receive a professional repair on your vehicle.

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